BiBi Rouge is a proudly South African fashion line by Sabrina Kennedy, created to fit your fashion needs and budget.  Bibi Rouge specialises in quality, affordable, locally manufactured clothing that is fashionable and flattering.  Our clothing is made from the finest fabrics and manufactured to fit your every curve for the highest level of comfort.  Bibi Rouge is committed to a design and business model that is environmentally conscious and socially reasonable.  This include no-waste pattern making and production, well looked after South African manufacturers and fair trade in all business.


We strive to create one of a-kind pieces that are of the finest possible quality and all manufactured in South Africa.


Hi Everyone! My name is Sabrina Kennedy and I own BiBi Rouge. I have lived in Johannesburg my whole life and I love clothing, conservation, cooking, wine and animals. I started BiBi Rouge in 2011 after completing my degree in Marketing and Psychology because I felt that in South Africa, you could only buy expensive, good quality clothing, or cheap, bad quality clothing. I saw this as a gap in the market where I could help women find clothing for all different body types, at an affordable price, and better yet, all manufactured locally.


 I hope you find something you love in our store so that we can all have amazing quality, locally manufactured clothing that supports and betters the South African economy and work force, one garment at a time!